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About AAHS

The African American Heritage Society of Maury County is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, whose mission is to preserve the heritage and history of African Americans of Maury County, Tennessee.

The primary objectives are to:

1 - Expand the knowledge base and raise the community’s consciousness regarding the historical and cultural heritage of African Americans by documenting the contribution of individuals to their community, county, state or country.

2 - Organize and sponsor seminars, forums, workshops, programs and events, develop and sponsor exhibits, and issue publications.

3 - Identify and support the preservation of places with historical significance, which include cemeteries, churches, businesses, historic homes, and schools.

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African American Heritage Society of Maury County

Founded in 2012, the African American Heritage Society of Maury County (AAHSMC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Society is a membership-based organization and is open to anyone interested in furthering the objectives of the Society.


The goal of the AAHSMC is to document the history of African Americans of Maury County---the many stories of the contributions of African Americans in their effort to build schools, churches, and businesses.


Since 2012, the AAHSMC has worked to add to the narrative that composes the rich history of this county. Some of the projects included adding the names of over eighty African Americans, who lost their lives during the American Civil War, to the Maury County War Memorial; and unveiling five Tennessee Historical Commission markers commemorating significant sites, events, and people, including the Maury County Colored Hospital, which operated for more than thirty years. In addition, documenting the Maury County Colored Agricultural, Horticultural, Mechanical, and Live Stock Society, which sponsored the Maury County Colored Fair for more than thirty years; and the stories of those individuals who donated money or land to the county to build the Rosenwald Schools for African Americans in the rural communities.


The AAHSMC has also hosted quarterly lectures, conducted cemetery preservation workshops, created a museum-quality traveling exhibit called “Path to Freedom” which has been on display in many locations in Middle and West Tennessee, and published seven history calendars that feature the people and places of Maury County’s African American history.

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