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The African American Heritage Society supports community-based programming by sponsoring workshops, and providing historical exhibits to churches, libraries, museums, and schools at no charge.


Traveling Exhibition: Path to Freedom

Created in 2016, the “Path to Freedom” exhibit has been on display in Maury and surrounding counties in Middle and West Tennessee. This exhibit emphasizes the significance of education after the American Civil War. The first panel gives an overview of Maury County and the Freedmen’s Bureau. The second panel focuses on several Freedmen’s Bureau schools established in Maury County during the 20 years following the American Civil War. The third panel focuses on schools, which evolved into institutions of higher learning to train teachers for elementary and secondary schools in Maury and surrounding counties.

A second exhibit, “Education: The African American Experience” will be available in September 2022. This exhibit will cover the period from the Progressive Era through the Civil Rights Movement.


If you would like to schedule this exhibit for your church, school, library, or museum, please use the form provided.


If would like to schedule the “Path to Freedom” for your church, school, library or museum, please use the form provided to reserve the exhibit.

Cemetery Preservation Workshop


The MTSU cemetery preservationist, Dr. Stacey Graham, discussed the best practices and recommended products to maintain headstones before hand-on instructions at the Rosemount Cemetery.


Cemeteries are places for reflection and commemorations and helps build a sense of community, as well as a valuable resource for historians and genealogical research.

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