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It's More Than History

History Calendars

The African American Heritage Society of Maury County published its first history calendar in 2015, Rosenwald Schools.


The seventh in the series of history calendars, Doctors and Lawyers, was published in 2022. These calendars have been an excellent source of revenue as well as a tool to document “little known African American history facts.”


2022 - African American Doctors & Lawyers

The 2022 African American history calendar features Maury County natives who pursued careers in the fields of law and medicine. The individuals selected must have graduated from one of the past or present high schools in Maury County.


2021 - The World of Sports

The 2021 African American history calendar features some of Maury County’s professional athletes including some who played with the Negro Baseball League.

2020 - African American Women of Maury County

The 2020 African American history calendar features women who have contributed in the fields of arts, education, community activism, medicine, military, and sports.


2018 - 2019 African American Activist and Politicians

The 2018-2019 two year African American history calendar features Maury County the elected officials, past and present, and activist, those individuals who participated in activities intended to achieve political or social change for the betterment of the African American Community.


2017 - Making a Way for Themselves: African American Entrepreneurs

The 2017 African American history calendar features some of the entrepreneurs and the business they established from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s.


2016 - African American Churches

The 2016 African American history calendar features with churches with congregations that were at 135 years old. In addition, photographs of churches with congregation over 100 year old are included.

2015 - Rosenwald Schools

The 2015 African American History Calendar features 14 Rosenwald Schools, established in the 1920s and 1930s to address the inadequate education of African Americans in Maury County.

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